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The Road to IBC: Viaccess-Orca is on the Road Again


In his hit song “On the Road Again”, country singing legend Willie Nelson states that he can’t wait to get on the road again. Well, we here at Viaccess-Orca share Mr. Nelson’s sentiment so we are happy to announce that we are headed for Amsterdam to attend IBC 2012. As stated on its website, IBC is the premier annual c...

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Exclusive Interview with Viaccess-Orca’s EVP Corporate Strategy


                              ABTA2012 has finally arrived(!) and we were fortunate enough to catch our EVP Corporate Strategy, HAMDANE Noureddine, for a few questions about piracy and security just before he goes on stage and participates in the ABTA2012 panel "Combating piracy: strategies and approaches" (Aug. 2nd, 11:0...

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ABTA 2012. Brazil, Here We Come!

ABTA 2012

With amazing beaches and beautiful landscapes, Brazil is the perfect place to bring people together: Film & TV distributors, Pay-TV and telecommunications operators, suppliers of network and distribution equipment, and suppliers of conditional access, billing and customer care systems all come together for ABTA 2012. ...

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