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How to Improve User Engagement for Video Services?

Video Games

Content operators need to take a step back and examine how content service engagement has evolved and improved over time. The process has gone from poorly designed user interfaces, program guides and interactive menus to features that empower users. These innovations include a personalized user experience and consumptio...

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How to Create an Engaging Multi-Screen Experience – Viaccess-Orca’s Latest Webinar


On October 24, Viaccess-Orca in association with and Digital TV held a webinar entitled “Five Ways to Shape the Multi-Screen Experience”. In his introduction to the webinar, Stuart Thomson, Editor, Digital TV acknowledged that despite the growing enthusiasm for iPads, smartphones and other accompanying d...

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The Road to IBC: the Second Screen Phenomena (Infographic)


Second screen viewing, which refers to using an additional electronic device while watching television, is a consumer behavior that can no longer be ignored. In fact, one might argue that second screen viewing has become a widespread phenomenon that has altered the way we watch television. In an attempt to better our und...

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