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How to Improve User Engagement for Video Services?

Video Games

Content operators need to take a step back and examine how content service engagement has evolved and improved over time. The process has gone from poorly designed user interfaces, program guides and interactive menus to features that empower users. These innovations include a personalized user experience and consumptio...

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Operator Survival Guide, Rules of Engagement, Part 1: Deep UX Analysis

Deep UX Analysis & Rules of Engagement

  Developing a successful second screen app requires a deep understanding of how people watch TV. We’re telling you, this is not an easy task! It entails examining viewers’ needs before, during and after the broadcast in order to deliver a TV companion that meets users’ expectations so smoothly that it will simpl...

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CEO Insight – Through the Looking Glass: OTT

Viaccess-Orca CEO François Moreau de Saint Martin

I have always been a big fan of the blogosphere. Good blogs give you not only insight and analysis on current affairs and new technology but also a fresh viewpoint on something we take for granted. So, I decided after a few years of saying no, to start 2013 with diving into the digital world and write a monthly blog post ...

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